We have prepared an online demo, where you can test the capabilities and simplicity of Sesam-e user interface.

Username: demo
Password: demo
Welcome to Sesam-e
gate access control system based on license plate reading (ANPR)

Sesam-e is an all-in-one solution for monitoring and controlling the flow of vehicles in car parks, corporate campuses and similar places based on license plate number recognition. Sesam-e is widely used for statistical evaluation of traffic, fees collection or entrance regulations.

Typical deployments
  • Paid and public parking
  • Residential and compound parking
  • Company and staff parking
  • Business centres parking
  • Factories and loading docks
  • Public and government transportation
  • Hotels and services
Key features of Sesam-e
  • Simple web-based user interface with heaps of functions
  • Innovative methods of triggering (detecting vehicles)
  • Shared passage archive available at fingertip
  • Advanced vehicle registration with permissions
  • Variable entrance restrictions rules for each vehicle
  • Automatic gate opening for all or registered vehicles